Choosing a Country Print

There are many factors to consider when choosing a country to adopt a child from. In order to assist you in your choice, Christian Adoption Services have put together a number of information sheets on different countries (see the side menu). Boys

Some of the things you need to consider when choosing a country include the following:

  • Success rate: Have other couples in Alberta adopted from this country. What is their experience? Have others tried and been unsuccessful? 
  • Country’s requirements: Countries may have age guidelines for adoptive parents, or may or may not accept singles. Research to ensure that your unique situation meets the country guidelines.
  • What children are available: It is imperative that you evaluate your skills and abilities as a family in light of the children available for adoption in that particular country and their unique needs. Do you have a good understanding of those needs and the support/resources you would need to meet them?
  • How does the process work: Are there other families who are willing to share their experience of the process with me, and talk with me as I wait? Are there support groups in town? Is there a coordinator available?
  • Travel: Is this a country I am comfortable traveling to? How long will I be required to remain in country/ How many times am I required to make the trip? 
  • Time: How long is this likely to take. Is it predictable or is it sometimes longer?
  • Cost: How does it compare to other countries. When quoted a cost could there be any possible extras expenses? Is it US$ of Can$ What is the exchange rate? Is travel extra? Do I have the funds? Are fees charged upfront, or after a placement is made?
  • How will my family and friends feel about this? What is my connection to this country/culture? Will my new child be accepted, respected, and loved for who they are? Can I give my child a positive feeling about their heritage and the country they have come from? Am I committed to adjusting my life and connections to include ones that will be meaningful to my child?