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Adoption is regulated by provincial legislation. Because adoption is a provincial matter, every province has their own rules and regulations for adoption. In Alberta, adoption is regulated by the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act. There are four types of adoptions available:


  • Government: Alberta Human Services places children for adoption with approved families. Most of these children have special needs and were removed from their biological family due to abuse or neglect. Applicants are required to take the “Orientation for Caregivers” (OCT) course in their area, and a home study is completed. There is no fee for government adoptions. A large number of the adoptions are foster parent adoptions. Check out the government website at www.adoptionalberta.gov.ab.ca
  • International: Are you interested in adopting a child from another country? Adopting internationally can be a complicated, but rewarding experience. Adoptive families must meet the requirements of the province of Alberta, Canada immigration, and the requirements of the child's birth country. International adoptive families must receive training and obtain a home study. Christian Adoption Services can assist you through the process. Click here to learn more...
  • Direct: Do you know a expectant family that is interested in making an adoption plan for their baby? Direct placements occur when the child is placed directly in the adoptive home by the birth family. No doctor, lawyer, pastor etc may match potential birth parents and possible adoptive parents, without prior consent of the Director of Children’s Services. The adopting parents can complete a Private Adoption self help kit, or a licensed agency, such as Christian Adoption Services, can assist to finalize the adoption.
  • Licensed Agency/Domestic: The Alberta Government has licensed a number of agencies, including Christian Adoption Services, to facilitate adoptions. The law requires agencies to complete home studies, train, screen and counsel families, and to provide counselling to expectant parents considering adoption. Ultimately, birth parents select the family who will raise their child. Expectant parents meet the potential adoptive family and have the right to read their home study. To find out more about the professional adoption services provided through Christian Adoption Services' domestic adoption program click here...