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Starting the application process for a domestic adoption can seem daunting. This checklist will help you through the application process for Domestic Adoptions:

  1. Download and print the  forms (see the forms section of this website - there is a button on the upper right hand corner of this page.)
  2. Complete the preliminary application and return it to us.
  3. Get an Intervention Record Check for everyone over the age of 18years that lives in your household.
  4. Complete the Adoption Placement Application, send it back to us. 
  5. Give employment letter to employer and sent it back to us. If you are self-employed please send us confirmation of your annual income, e.g., front page of tax return.
  6. Give your references out accordingly and have your references return them directly to us. You should consider a family member, Pastor, friend, and someone you work with.
  7. Go to the police station and have the Criminal Record Check completed and sent back to us.
  8. Go to your doctor and complete the medical. Send this back to us. Medicals have to be completed every other year while you are on our waiting list.
  9. Get a certified marriage certificate. Uncertified copies are not acceptable. These become part of the court package when we finalize the Adoption in court and will not be returned. Church certificates are not acceptable.
  10. Send photo copies of your birth certificates. The court requires these to file the court documents.

    Note: The Request for Intervention Record Check, Adoption Placement Application, and Criminal Record Check take some time to complete, therefore you should get started on them first. Once everything is completed and returned to us, and you have completed your self-assessment, we can set up an appointment to begin the Home Assessment.

  11. When you have completed this package, please call us and we will set up a time for an information session or interview. Ask for a self-assessment to complete and send it back to us.
  12. Attendance at two training days is required and a minimum of six hours of online training including: Open Adoption 101 and Lets Talk Adoption.