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Birth MotherAn unplanned pregnancy can bring so many different emotions such as shock, anger, guilt, sadness, embarrassment and fear.... You don't need to be alone.  We are here to listen and to provide you with information as you consider your options.  We are committed to providing non-judgmental, compassionate care and to operating with love, honesty and integrity.  We are willing to meet you as soon as you're ready in a place you feel comfortable.  All services to birth parents and their families are free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support do you provide?

We offer free professional and confidential counselling and support prior to, during and after an adoption placement. We will support you for as long as you need. We have trained compassionate staff that work across the province. We are here to answer questions, assist you in exploring your options and provide information on adoption. If you decide on adoption, we can support you in building an adoption plan. Regardless of if you chose an adoption plan or not, we can connect you with other resources that may be helpful. We strive to match to your need and have a multitude of resources available including workbooks such as decision-making questionnaires, budgeting, taking care of you… We also provide books/videos on open adoption and can connect you with mentors and support groups.

Who are your adoptive families?

We primarily have a wide variety of Christian families living across Alberta. We also have families of other backgrounds. We have families ready to adopt children who may have special needs or are older. Our families have completed adoption training and an in-depth home assessment which includes criminal record checks, child intervention checks, medical reports and reference letters. These families are ready financially, emotionally, socially and spiritually to provide for a child. We CAS we strive to ensure our families enter an adoption agreement with a high degree of adoption awareness, as well as, with the utmost honesty and respect for birth families.

What are the benefits of Open Adoption?

Open Adoption has many benefits for you and your child. Birth Parents have shared that building an adoption plan allowed them to take control of a difficult situation and they were able to find peace. Although Open Adoption doesn’t take away grief it allows birth parents the opportunity to process their grief more easily. Open adoption provides the opportunity to build a relationship with your child and watch them grow. You will witness his/her development, be able to share with him/her directly and answer any questions about their birth story. Your child will see that they are loved by you and any other birth family that remain involved. There are never too many people to love a child.

Can I choose not to have contact?

Yes. Generally, when a birth parent decides not to have contact with their chid or his/her adoptive parents, adoptive parents share with us that they are disappointed they are not able to share their child’s accomplishments. However, they respect the birth parents wishes. Information and letters written by birthparents are helpful in answering adoptees questions about his/her adoption.

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