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Billy's First Christmas PDF Print E-mail
December 15, 2003 I arrived on Bequia, a tiny island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The next day I took the ferry over to Kingstown on the island of St. Vincent where I went to gain custody of my son. The lawyer gave me the completed adoption paperwork then we drove across town to the Social Service Office. A few minutes later the foster mother handed over my sobbing child and I was an instant Mom! That day will be forever etched in my mind but at the time it was surreal. As for Billy, he was only 20 months old, he didn’t understand what was happening and he was afraid.
Adam's Story PDF Print E-mail
I was about to leave the office when the telephone rang. A soft voice asked to speak to someone about placing her baby for adoption. I sat down. "He’s kinda small", I heard her say, "but they say he’s real healthy." I went to the hospital and found the birth mom of a tiny baby boy, 3 lbs. at birth. As I interviewed the birth mother I became overwhelmed. Were there families who would consider this tiny angel? The birth mother answered my questions frankly. The problems were huge. She had not only occasionally consumed alcohol during her pregnancy but had brought on labour at 36 weeks by trying cocaine. I fumbled through my briefcase but could not find the right papers, so excused myself to return to the car for the correct forms. Once in the parking lot, I took a deep breath. Finding a family for this little boy was way above me. I asked God to take over the challenge and confidently returned to see the little one for myself.